How Long Does It Take To Make A 3D Model? 3D Model Making Average Time

The answer to “How long does it take to make a 3D model?” is not flexible. It depends on the makers’ level, the models’ complexity, the modeling software, etc. This article will explain why they are so different and the average time to complete a 3D model in certain circumstances.

  • A spaceship model: 30 – 32 hours
  • A rifle model: 110 hours
  • A sneaker model: 70 hours
  • An animation character: 110 hours to a couple of months

To estimate “How long it takes to make a 3D model”, you can record the time doing each step of the process.

Learn 3D modeling

It takes about four months to a year to learn and master 3D modeling. The advice is to start with 3D basics and then practice designing on CAD software. The proper method and hard study will help you reduce your time in creating a 3D model.

Understand the project

Understand the project
Read all the tasks and requirements of the project

Each project has different information. Holding the core requirements helps you to know your duty, make a good plan, and create the perfect model. You should know the type of material, the model’s characteristics, the 3D software, and the output standard. Don’t worry if the first time is not good. Learning from your mistakes can help to improve your speed.

Learn materials

This step should be the prior step before making a 3D model for printing because material decides printing technology and aesthetic effect. If you are a newbie, it will take more time to learn all features of a material. On a second try, you can know it better.Learning material is not essential when creating 3D characters or objects for animation, games, or virtual reality.

Design on 3D modeling software

Creating 3D models on the computer is the longest stage of the process. For example, here are six smaller steps to design a 3D character.

  • Getting ideas: You can imagine your characters and background with a good brief. Professionals often note down the style and basic shape of that character.
  • Storyboarding: This step turns the idea into many 2d paintings and images that demonstrate the future look of a 3D model. It may take days, even weeks, based on the level of detail.
  • Creating concept art: It can last a few days, weeks, or even during production. This helps creators see how their sketches look.
  • Modeling: An advanced artist often spends one or two days completing a cartoon character. It might take some weeks for a high level of facial and body details.
  • Texturing: The more detailed the texture, the more realistic the character is. With a starter, learning how to make textures for 3D models and getting fluent in texturing takes several months. 
  • Adding Animation: This step is to create movements for the 3D character. Making simple and few actions might take a few minutes, while a complex one requires days or weeks.

Render and print 3D models

Rendering a 3D animation character is not as quick as exporting a 3D model for printing. You might have to wait hours for one animation frame. You will get a complete frame after rendering 3D animation. For 3D printing, after exporting the design file, the process continues for hours.  


Is it hard to make 3D models?

Is it hard to make 3D models?
Making 3d models is complicated and time-consuming

It depends on the stage you are in. Learning the basics of 3D modeling, software, and tools might be more straightforward. However, the creation process is quite challenging because you need great creativity and fluency in many complex skills.

How long does it take to make a high-quality 3D model?

It might take 70 – 110 hours to create a high-quality 3D model. It is equivalent to approximately 9 – 14 days. In comparison, simple 3D models require 2 – 3 days.

Why does 3D modeling take so long?

The 3D modeling process has several stages, including various steps. In one step, you must create a lot of details, connect point to point, surface to surface, etc.The time also depends on the computer hardware. A high-performance system can keep the process smoothly.


To sum up, the answer to “How long does it take to make a 3D model?” depends on the model type, the detail level, and the equipment. If you want to build a 3D model but lack time, choose a 3D product modeling service will be the best option.

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