How To Learn 3D Modeling in 4 Steps (Expert guide)

3D modeling is a modern industry including various new terms, steps, and techniques. Experts say that it is not too difficult but takes time to learn. How to learn 3D modeling effectively? You should understand essential words, steps, and practice as much as possible. You can learn 3D modeling by yourself and take part in some courses to become proficient faster.

Learn 3D Modeling

What is 3D modeling?

3D modeling is the process of creating three-dimensional representations of objects or surfaces. It is also a core step in manufacturing an actual item.

3D modeling contributes to creating realistic 3D models of houses, buildings, daily supplies, new products, etc. Moreover, it can build beautiful and lively characters as fundamental actors for movies, anime, and games.

You can catch the applications of 3D modeling in numerous fields, such as engineering, architecture, movies, games, the mechanical industry, visual effects, and art. Learning and being an expert in 3D modeling help you earn a living and create significant value for society’s development.

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Other courses for specific industries

Besides the above suggestions, some platforms have the best 3D modeling courses for specific industries. Take a look at the most notable names in the table below.

3DmotiveGame development3DS Max, Maya, or ZBrush
YoobeePolygon modeling, AnimationMaya
XChange Trainingmodeling, animationCinema 4D or 3Ds Max
Autodesk Design Acadamy2D and 3D modelingAutodesk Fusion 360
Courseradigital manufacturingCAD software
GC Spectrum3D in the cinemaanimation, visual effect, or game programming
The Gnomon WorkshopGame design60+ software
ZBrush Workshop3D sculptingCAD program, ZBrush 
Sculpteo Tutorials3D printing20+ software

7 Tips to learn 3D modeling effectively 

Inappropriate methods and non-persistence are the main reasons many lose motivation and give up. To be a master 3D modeling engineer, you should avoid the seven common mistakes below!

  • Expect too much, too early: The rapidity doesn’t bring high efficiency. If you want immediate results, you will soonly get depressed and stuck. Let’s start gradually by understanding the basic terms & requirements, and practicing step-by-step.
  • Do not use references when starting a project: It is challenging for newbies to design a 3D model without reference. An instruction document, a sample, or a good mentor will help you pass the first challenge more easily.
  • Conduct complex projects too early: Despite having solid 3D modeling knowledge, beginners still lack the experience to handle multiple topologies and meshes or fix miscalculations. Simple models will help to feel comfortable and gradually improve your skills.
  • Create the entire model without dividing it into smaller tasks: A plan should include some smaller pieces to avoid overwhelming and frustrating. It also is an excellent method to create a better model in a shorter time.
  • Create excess subdivisions too soon: This will distort the shape. The solution is using the resolution tool in your software to keep its expected form.
  • Don’t notice topology and rough surfaces: These are small details but are very important. It can significantly affect the appearance of 3D objects. You can create a feature checklist not to skip anything.
  • Lack of persistence: 3D modeling requires meticulousness in every technical step. Moreover, you must have intense creativity. Being patient in training your brain and skill from the beginning will help you reach advanced levels faster.


Can I learn 3D modeling myself?

Can I learn 3D modeling myself?
Don’t be rushed when learning 3D Modeling

Yes, you absolutely can learn 3D modeling yourself. Having a good plan to study knowledge base and practice is very important. Ensure that you keep on learning continuously.

Many self-learners start with basic terms and then, a 3D modeling program. Be consistent and be patient to take step by step. 

What skills do you need for 3D Modeling?

Besides the basic skills of time planning, a master of 3D Modeling should be:

  • Excellent and clean topology to organize form, color, and texture into a perfect work.
  • Good use of chamfers and smoothing groups to create close-to-realistic models.
  • Great UV layouts to make the process faster and ratio balancing
  • Strong understanding of PBR (Physically Based Rendering) to ensure the design is the same as the expected model.
  • Good development of textures to create vivid models.

How long does it take to learn 3D Modeling?

On average, students often spend 4 months to 12 months learning and comprehending the basics of 3D modeling. It may take years to master multiple software and techniques.

How long does it take to make a 3D model?

Time to make a 3D model based on its size, complexity, and printing technique. The creation process on the computer may last 8 – 12 hours. While the printing process can be 30 minutes to 12 hours. Engineers often spend 100 working hours building a low poly model in the game or animation industry.


In conclusion, the method how to learn 3D modeling should start from basic. Learners should get familiar with 3D modeling terms, requirements, software, and techniques. It may be challenging initially, but you will feel it easier with a solid foundation. I hope you will successfully achieve your goals in 3D modeling.

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